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Digitaldigital/DMG offers a one-stop shop for the full range of digital services. From local internet advertising and advanced targeting to Facebook pages, mobile advertising to search engine marketing(SEM) and optimization(SEO). digital/DMG is the only digital solution provider you need. With a network of 24 web sites and our partnership with Yahoo!, you can reach 81% of Columbus area online adults.

See a list of some of our digital solutions below. To request more information, fill out the form to the right and a team member will respond within 24 hours.  


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Display Advertising Options

Advertise across our individual sites or our impressive network of sites.

  • Excellent branding vehicle - can stimulate interest in a product.
  • Extensive Rich Media options drive customer interaction.
  • Search Bar Sponsorships also available.

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Video Pre-Roll

Uses the creativity of TV to showcase your advertisement.

  • The emotional draw of TV draws attention to your ad.
  • Increases ad effectiveness and recall.

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  • Reach your customers using the power of Yahoo’s top-rated content and multiple solutions.
  • Advanced content Targeting by Section, Age, Behavior.
  • Yahoo! has a 78% reach across the US Internet Audience, according to ComScore.

Content Targeting

Behavioral, Geographic, Time of Day and Demographic targeting provide big benefits.

  • Scale -- Reach demo segments at scale.
  • Accuracy -- User-declared delivers greater accuracy vs. other solutions.
  • Efficiency -- Deliver demographically-relevant marketing messages to qualified audiences.

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Email Newsletters & Ad Mail

Ad mailEmail is trusted, highly engaging and targetable to consumer interests.

  • Newsletters average a 15-20% open rate and 8-10% click-through rate, depending on the topic
  • Newsletters offered for many topics, including news, weather, sports, lifestyle and entertainment.
  • Ad Mail (Advertisement Email) delivers your ad to our email list of subscribers who have opted in to receive offers for products or services just like your business offers.

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Mobile Solutions

MobileAs cell phone adoption soars, mobile is becoming increasingly important for your brand. We offer mobile display advertising, SMS marketing solutions and mobile website development.

  • Engage customers who are always connected and on the go by advertising on the Dispatch Mobile Network
  • Build engagement with SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Stay in front of the mobile consumer with a mobile-friendly website


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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM/SEO)

SEM SEODispatch Digital can help you drive traffic directly from search engines to your website through paid or natural search listings.

  • SEM: Ads tied to keywords sold on cost-per-click basis. Delivers real, measurable ROI.
  • SEO: Keyword research and website optimization services can help increase brand awareness, generate leads and grow sales.



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Facebook and PinteristSocial Media 

Digital/DMG can help drive engagement with your brand’s fans and followers.

  • Social Media Consulting: Can assist your company in building a social media strategy, managing the project and employing social media tactics with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • Facebook Network: Advertise on digital/DMG's network of 13 Facebook pages you can place targeted ads to reach a highly coveted news and information audience.

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Dispatch Extend

Extends your reach across a large network of high-quality sites through these products and more:

  • Premium News Network: 3,000 high-quality newspaper, broadcast, and magazine sites with real news content.
  • Category Targeting: Buy across a custom-built network of sites by category, including: Health, Auto, Sports, Women, Outdoors and more.

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Online display advertising brings an audience to your website and retargeting gives you a second chance to recapture any missed opportunities.

  • With retargeting, ads follow your site visitors as they travel to other great websites across the web. 
  • Following up with high frequency ads reminds your visitors to come back to your site to complete the purchase or action you want them to take.

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digital/DMG offers you more than any other local internet marketing solution provider. The solutions above are just a sample of what's available. Adding digital solutions to other Dispatch Media Group opportunities can really provide the one two punch your campaigns need. Our experts will work with your business, to discuss your goals and determine the optimum portfolio to exceed them.