Advertising in CRAVE

craveCRAVE READERS LOVE TO EAT...But dining in this city is about much more than breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s about savoring the creativity of local chefs and their unique flavors, and the fun of hanging out with friends in bars and restaurants. It’s not just a meal, it’s entertainment. is the lifestyle magazine for Columbus diners who want to celebrate eating out in style— from guilty pleasures at local pubs to the most creative menu creations, from pizza and beer to filet and fine wine and everything in between.

Crave Is A Guide To The Best Eats This City Has To Offer.

Whether you’re looking to target adults lookng for romantic dinner, a relaxing patio, unique ethnic flavors or tasty burgers and fries, Crave delivers them.

Including your business in Crave is definately worth the investment!