The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch


The Columbus Dispatch is the only daily newspaper serving all of the Columbus, Ohio, metropolitan market. Both the print and online arms of Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper are committed to providing the most accurate, timely and in-depth news and information to the Columbus metropolitan area.

The Columbus Dispatch is read by more than 879,367 Central Ohio adults each week making it the perfect place for your marketing message. Dispatch readers are generally highly educated, affluent and have money to spend on things they want or need.

In addition to the incredible reach The Columbus Dispatch also offers more than 20 highly targeted special sections each year which give advertisers the opportunity to reach customers who are actively seeking out their message. Please download a copy of the 2015 Columbus Dispatch Special Section List which is listed below.


Download The 2015 Columbus Dispatch Special Section List


 Source: INA used



 The Columbus Dispatch Is Being Recognized

Dispatch Media Group was recently commended in an April 6 article published by the International Newsmedia Marketing Association. The article, entitled Marketing Columbus Dispatch’s “brand essence” delivers data-driven, measurable audience results, details the customer-focused changes that have re-branded Dispatch into an industry leader. Scott Stines, the article’s author, said he decided to reach out when he heard about the company’s “38% increase in year-over-year voluntary starts, 46% increase in younger (younger than 50) subscribers, 7% more total starts, and 16% fewer stops.” Broad-based industry research, consulting partnerships, and results-focused changes have created an exponentially positive experience for Dispatch’s readers and advertisers alike. The numbers don’t lie. Read the full article.